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► Explore + Rise - a Free Workshop - 2 July (3 July for those Downunder)
I teach the Create+Chat -> Friday 23 July
Join July Moon Circles: New Moon 9 July - Full Moon in Aquarius on 24 July


1 June - 16 June
Come and Create with us at the next Circle - New Moon in Gemini - it's Free to join
16 June - JOIN us LIVE!

🡸  Listen to the conversation I had with Ayn Cates Sullivan on the Wisdom of the Ages Podcast

” … Do you believe in the power of being a determined creative dreamer? In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages host Ayn Cates Sullivan, and guest Joyce van der Lely talk about why it’s important to be unapologetically you. Joyce van der Lely is an Art Alchemist, Shamanic Creative, Guide, Teacher, and Mentor. She helps creative entrepreneurs and other magical misfits to make their mark and bring more of their dreams into our world. Listen in now to learn more about how you can become a creative dreamer… “


24 May (25 May for DownUnder folks)

Create with the energies of the Full Flower Moon – register for FREE ► HERE

Wednesday 26 May

Personal Wisdom MasterClass

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I am super excited to be hosting: Wisdom of Women – the Secrets of Being Inspired and Connect Deeper with Your Spiritual Side – It’s a two day virtual retreat coming very soon.
To receive an invitation and stay up to date: fill in your details here : http://bit.ly/wow-now
9th November until End November 2020 ONLINE - >free Access<