What is a Dream?

is it a mere thought, a brilliant idea, a deep desire?

A dream is ALL the above, it’s

a journey, a path, an adventure,
From the soul to the heart to the mind.

Back to the soul, up a level and again.

An infinite string of energies.

Moving through, touching, connecting.
Releasing and forever growing and evolving.

It’s the elixir of our lives, the hope in our hearts, the never ending possibility

it’s our story to tell



P.S.: I decided to start up a blog again. To write about things that pass through my head. To empty the space, because from time to time it can get pretty full in there.  It’s  lovely to have many ideas, don’t get me wrong. There never is a dull moment and I would feel lost without all the inspiration. But you know, we all need to declutter Marie Kondo style sometimes 😉