Feelings of Overwhelm

Overwhelm, being multi-passionate and an empath. All things I felt for a very long time, yet for a similar stretch of time, never really admitted. The thing I never wanted to embrace, because this was […]


Why do we adults, so often, end up doing things that were never our dreams as we were growing up? With a desire for MORE TIME┬áto do the things WE LOVE to do. (long weekends, […]

your Truth

Does this sound true to you? Imagine you are sitting on a beach, staring over the horizon, the wind blowing and your hair flying in all directions. Yet, you hardly feel all this happening, because […]

the Magic Carpet

On this Mother’s Day weekend, more than 18,500 kms (or 11,500 miles) away from my mother I am remembering two years ago: the last time I spend time with her in real life. She was […]