New Moments

Hey, How are you doing? Staying focused and keeping out of mischief ? šŸ˜‰Ā  b.t.w. Are you sitting down? ’cause Iā€™m about to share a bit of a secret with you. Why? Because this may […]

Embody ALL of YOU

I like to share some thoughts that may keep your creative mind occupied and confused. Oftentimes they’re followed by uncertainty and getting stuck. And being stuck is the worst place for creatives. šŸ‘€ Right? You […]

Begin [again]

Hey! I know, you know by now that I like to think about stuff and discuss different sides of things. – Like to look at different opinions and viewpoints with an open mind and understand. […]

All about Value

Value and Understanding Values. Ā  What do you value and what value do you offer? Everybody is talking about this. But, do we really understand values, do we really understand what values are to begin […]