the Magic Carpet

On this Mother’s Day weekend, more than 18,500 kms (or 11,500 miles) away from my mother I am remembering two years ago: the last time I spend time with her in real life. She was […]

a Tall Poppy

Poppies (Papaver) are interesting little flowers. They are the ultimate culmination of contrasts all within one lifeform. Their petals are so thin and wispy, dancing with the lightest touch of a breeze. Their flowers are […]

Eye Gazing

Shadow work | Color work Applying paint or make up or simply playing in front of a mirror. . Really looking into your own eyes and finding understanding, compassion and pride for the soul that […]


Late at night, when you’re sitting alone with your thoughts, you can hear that whispering voice saying: “Surely, there is More?” You may have heard them too. Perhaps even chose to avoid or ignore them? […]