well then, this is the place where I introduce myself and tell you all about

the ARTEMIST – the ARTist  ALCHEMIST | me


Hi I’m Joyce, Curious Creative, Art Alchemist,

Spiritual Empowerment Guide + Dream Creator.

I support creative minds who are ready to (ad)venture into their own magical stories.

° The curious, weird and wacky ones.

° Divergent Thinkers, Soulful Seekers, Changemakers and Warrior Women

° The misfits not choosing to conform, yet seeking to connect.

° The Lone Wolves knowing it’s better being part of a pack.

° The ones feeling overwhelmed, stuck, hit by a wall or lost their mojo along the way.


OR …..

I could tell you that I’m a Transformational coach whose work sits at the intersection of Creativity, Philosophy and Mythology. An Intuitive Mentor and Law-of-Attraction-loving Determined Dreamer. Sacred Journeyer and Lightworker who loves things with Wings.  it’s ALL about the JOURNEY – exploring THE PATH to your PERSONAL WISDOM, MANIFESTING and embracing the INNER GODDESS _______________________________________________________________________________
Another thing is: I’m a Dutchie that moved smack! to the opposite side of the globe and have been in New Zealand for about half my life now. A mum of two highly creative young humans and with my soulmate always supporting my wild and wacky wanderings from his high flying disk _______________________________________________________________________________


I’d tell you about that BIG awakening moment during the earthquakes of 2010/2011  in Christchurch. A surreal experience that made me choose, from that day on, to follow my heart and soul and use my personal magic + medicine every single day. 
How I started weaving my Art, Spirituality and Alchemy into everything I do,
and by doing that, connected with my KAiTiAKi, my Guardians, to keep me safe.  And how (someone told me later) I had become what she called: a Wahine Toa (a Warrior Woman)

Allowing my Dreams to come True

was the hardest thing I ever did



I love diving in deep with you and help you to fully express your Magic.

Through all the layers that make up who you are, we weave together a framework that is aligned,

100% pure YOU and will carry you through life and work with ease and flow.

There is no “one size fits all” here, we are all absolutely fabulously unique!

Let me help you find YOUR way, so that nobody will ever have to teach you THEIR way ever again.

I guide you on YOUR path.


I love licorice and avocados, spicy food, blue cheese and black coffee.

Pippi Longstocking is my childhood alter ego and superhero and I believe we all have Guardian Angels.

I have a thing for Wings.  ’cause they make you FLY and I dreamt of flying ever since I was a little girl.

I am a curious gatherer. You can find me beachcombing any day, collecting treasures washed up from the ocean’s depths.



that YOU are seeking, right? 

and how I can be of assistance …..

Any (or all) of the following relates or sounds like you?:

You have been trying to figure out what is possible for you and your desires?

You have been looking to find where to fit in in this overwhelming, loud world ?

–  the magical misfit since forever you can remember –

(do you really want to “fit” in the first place?)

Feeling the internal struggle between wanting to hide and wanting to share your knowledge with the world?

(I’ve been there and know the feeling)

You want to change that feeling, flip it, so you can rise up again?

Unleash that inner Fire (your feminine energy) and connect with your superpower?

Create independence and personal freedom in all areas of your life,

so that living feels easy, harmonious and in flow?

► Yep, Me too! that’s my journey and I look forward to walk with you on yours!