Begin by Being 



What if you express yourself completely, exactly how you desire to?

Be unapologetically YOU

today and every next day?

* Walk the path of your Wishes * Do the things of your Dreams *

Have you quietly been watching others live out their dream life and thinking ‘I wish I could do that too’ ?

– then it’s Time to grab your Wings and Fly –


Hi, I’m Joyce van der Lely and I help Creative women do just that:

I help you Release the Old, Revive what was forgotten and Refresh what is Good.

Connect with your deeper self.

Listen, Feel and Understand the mysteries of everyday life.

Live your Life with Courage, Freedom, Fun and Flow

with Happiness, Health, Wealth and Wisdom.


You HAVE permission

You CAN have it your way

just be your Weird, Wacky, Wonderful


Begin [again]

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