Unearth your Sacred Wisdom, Gain deeper Understanding and Liberate your intuitive Gifts.

Hello beautiful soul,

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Late at night when you’re sitting with your thoughts, you hear a whispering voice saying, “There is more ….”
  • So often you get distracted by overwhelm or stuck in the comparison trap.
  • You’re questioning whether you are even worthy of following your dreams and desires?
  • Looking for outside validation, while all the time your wise woman is calling softly from within.

Are you tired of feeling this way? Can you no longer ignore the messages from within?

Then join me for a 2 hour Live Training – for Free!

“Whispers of Wisdom”

In this workshop we dive in deep.

When our Expressive Energies connect with our Spiritual Sparks,

We Can Make Magic

At the end of this workshop, you’ll have:

* more CLARITY


* more COURAGE

* Flow with an inner CALM

and set yourself up to achieve MORE of your DREAMS!

This is for the Creative Changemakers, the Divergent Thinkers and other Magical Misfits that are so ready to embrace their MORE!

2 hour Live Training for Free!

Whispers of Wisdom

Connect with your Curiosity and find Calm 

Next Workshop on 27 April

2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern

=9 am /28th – New Zealand Time

* for other Timezones check Here *


In this 2-hour interactive training, I am going to guide you through a creative process where you’ll learn how to:

  • visit the soul of your deep desires,
  • allow your curiosity to lead you,
  • explore your sacred feminine wisdom
  • express freely and in flow,
  • understand your Magic and how to bring MORE of it into your life.
Explore the sacred feminine with an open heart and dance with her wisdom.

Join us for this magical 2 hour workshop

and get a taste of working with your own Whispers of Wisdom