All about Value

Value. Understanding Values
Value and Understanding Values.  
What do you value and what value do you offer?
Everybody is talking about this.
But, do we really understand values, do we really understand what values are to begin with?
Everything exists because of a certain value.
So, I thought to have a closer look at this 5 letter word and try to make sense of what it means and what it means to us. Starting at the very beginning. Here’s what I found and how it translates to my own idea of value (which is all about energy, curious? ….. then read on)

Value  /ˈvaljuː /  – as a noun, the dictionary writes:

  1. merit, worth, usefulness. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
  2. principles, ethics, morals. Standards of behaviour. One’s judgement of what is important in life.

What I understand from this is that value can be measured in worth. Worth as in usefulness. Which would mean it makes things easier for us, so it saves us time and effort. This gives it merit, a qualitative status that is better than average. So value gives us an advantage. We can measure the time it takes to do something. We can measure the energy it takes to do something too. When looking at what we perceive important in life, the values are more on an emotional level. To measure these can be a bit of a challenge. These are personal as well, they are not the same for everybody.

Value  /ˈvaljuː /  – as a verb, the dictionary writes:

  1. evaluate, appraise, price. Estimate the monetary worth of something.
  2. appreciate, esteem. Having a high opinion of… / Considering something/someone to be important or beneficial.

This talks about the measurable value as we know it in our world through money. Money of course being the generally accepted commodity for economic exchange. Before money, people would barter and swap things that people considered of equal “value”. The opinion that something is beneficial, relates of course to the usefulness and advantage one begets from this.

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Let’s look at the different Values we come across:

Monetary Values – we can measure them, count them, add them up and quantify.

Personal Values – these also include Character Values and Work Values. While we can measure the work produced by someone, the character values are a bit less tangible. They cross over to the realm of ↓

Emotional Values – they touch feelings, increase positive feelings and create desires.

Our emotional values can influence why we value something on the monetary level more or less. So they are connected energetically in a way. 

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Everything in our Universe is energy.

Money is energy. Everything we think and do is energy.

You may have heard this already and I believe it is true.

In my work I play with energies all the time. And if you’ve ever attended one of my workshops or heard me speak, I talk about this all the time too.

In art and design, one of the most important things is the way that line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space are organized or composed according to their contrasting values. This gives the painting structure, energy and meaning.

This is present in ALL areas of creative expression. i.e. dance, music, writing, visual art etc.

It’s a play of balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, unity/variety

It shows itself in ALL areas of our daily lives. When we take a little time to listen, look and feel.

Open up to our senses and understand that it’s all a play with values and pure energy.

And so when we look at it from this perspective. What do you value? What are your values? What is the value in what you create, offer, share with the world?

There are many layers of values. Are you ready to explore them?

Curious? Come to my upcoming Masterclass RECHARGE this week, we’ll go deeper into values. How to begin, Recharge and Rewire so that you can get more Clarity on your purpose, your desires and your path to your Dream Life.




P.S. I chose to share a photo of a seed in a drop of water. Which one has the bigger value? Which one holds more energy? The seed, because it can grow into a tree? The water, because it nourishes the seed, so that it can grow? The wind, because it blows the seeds to where they land? The tree, because it gave birth to the seeds? Does there really need to be one winner with more value than the other? Or is the whole purpose that we understand that it is ALL connected. That it supports and energizes each other? Remember the Bees? How they value their wings in their own way and …. [read here]

P.S.P.S.: On that same note: Does money have a higher value than health, happiness and love? And to feel whole, where do you Begin?