Yes, I recently binged on a Netflix show.

Just like most everybody at some point and after receiving so many recommendations from friends for the Queen’s Gambit, I gave in.

And I have to agree wholeheartedly, this is a MUST SEE!
Everything about this show, I deeply love. The story, the casting, the clothes, the atmosphere that was created, the cinematography …. It was all pure joy and I wiped away a few tears yes, that too. I will watch it again at some point, just because I always see more a second time around. Or perhaps I’ll read the book.

One thing that struck me clearly was the underlying message, or was it something I just really needed to hear and picked up on? […. you know, like, when the student is ready, the teacher appears ….]

► In my personal analysis below may be a few spoilers, so, in case you have yet to get acquainted with this fabulous story:

Please go ► HERE for the book  or ►  HERE for the series

If you are all okay with that or have watched it already, then keep reading:

Let’s have a look at Beth, the heroine or protagonist of this storyline.
She is a lonely girl, a misfit in so many ways. Strong and courageous.  Disappointed and fragile on the other hand. She struggles through life (mostly) on her own and has found a way to escape to “safety” within the 64 squares of a chess board.

WOW, she has super powers for sure and learns how to use these and get better at them throughout the story.  These superpowers are her flames inside that keep her passion burning. She is determined and focused on what she has set her mind to (mostly)

At the same time she feels not good enough and struggles with a lot of things in her life. She becomes destructive and at some points in the story we wonder if she’ll slide down the spiral all the way.

But …. luckily there are people in her orbit that love her. They care enough to make an effort and help her keep her head clear. They believe in her when she feels low, they perk her up when she is down. They HELP her when she needs it most.

And luckily she accepts their help.

The last episode shows so clearly that you can be better than everybody else. The BEST in the world even!

But all alone, all by herself, she missed a little something that you can only find in the collaboration with others.

TOGETHER with her team she crushes it in the end and becomes the overall winner.

She is the proverbial lone wolf that is so much more successful as part of a pack of wolves.


P.S.: 4 lessons from the Queen’s Gambit:

  1. Consider your moves carefully
  2. Don’t go it alone.
  3. There’s immense value in mentoring relationships.
  4. Take hold of your game.


from Ragan’s PR Daily