Everything is possible when you are the Beginner.

A beginner is the opposite of an expert,
the beginner has freedom to fail, get up and try again.
As a beginner everything is possible, the sky is the limit.

So …. we embrace being a beginner instead of the expert. This brings more space for fun and play in the game. We can make a little mistake and laugh about it.

You know what ALSO happens?

  • We lose the fear of getting things wrong,
  • We become braver and more courageous,
  • We become more curious and playful and try more different avenues, 
  • We are more inspired and find new solutions,
  • We create, make and do,
  • We invent, we innovate.

You feel where this is going? Do I need to say more?

By embracing curiosity and allowing ourselves to be the beginner,

You become MORE in SO MANY WAYS!

The feeling turns completely. You feel positive, confident, courageous. You feel that you can do it ALL!

And here’s a not so secret, secret…..YOU CAN !

Look at the picture and tell me which ladder do you choose?

The ladder with the small steps? By taking these one by one, you climb higher, easily. Or the other one with fewer, wider gaps between the rungs? When you are the beginner and try to use a ladder meant for a more seasoned climber, you struggle to even make a start. It’s a no-brainer he? Just be happy to be the beginner and climb high!


P.S.: part one talked about what to do when self doubt and the unworthiness sets in – read here –