Soul Seeds and Shadow

The other day, I felt this feeling. Or better said, I was “thinking it”

Yes, ….. me too, I’ve also been very much in my head.

Desperately wanting to drop down into my heart and even further, wanting to loose myself into my soul.

Sounds familiar? I know it’s something that’s come up before.

This has been the very thing I’ve been constantly working on for the last 10+ years or so.

Heck, I’ve been teaching this stuff, right?

So why is it relevant to ponder over, again?

Well, as I was taking a shower (b.t.w. I often have deep inner dialogues under the shower ….. you too?)

I washed my hair, let the water flow over my head, run down my face, trickle down my body ….. it got me thinking …..

When we focus on adding more good, more fun and more positive in order to fill the collective with more light,

so that it would bring more harmony to our experiences.

Then….when we feel stuck in our own head and our mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and the deepest desire is to be able to drop into our heart and soul levels …..

what happens to our own shadows?

Have you ever wondered this too?

What can we do to harmonize or counter-balance our dark places.

How to free our Soul-self so that the light can truly shine?

And maintain a Free Soul-self, so that we can stand by ourselves with loyalty and trust?

What boundaries, doors and portals are needed to either close or open?

With all the stuff that has been happening in our world, maybe you’re having the same feelings (or thoughts) too?

I know it may sound a bit “out there”, but I believe that I received messages through my spirit Guides about these Shadows and the Seeds of the Soul-Self and I so I’ve planned to do a series of free training, so that I can share this insformation.

I think now is the time for us to truly embrace our shadows and plant our seeds of light.

If you are feeling this too, then let’s meet!

The series of 3 workshops/trainings is on:

2 April – 4 April – 6 April

2PM PAcific – 4PM Central – 5PM Eastern Time

10PM UK time – 11PM CET

=Downunder on 3 April – 5 April – 7 April

9 AM New Zealand Time / 7 am AEST



Joyce, signature

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,

but by making the darkness conscious.