Shadow Play

I’m so excited! Today I finished a three part training on the Shadow and the Soul seeds that sparkle in the dark.

Among other things, we talked about the importance of opening your senses and learn to understand what holds you in the shadows and why. What realm of reality you operate in. What story you are writing for your own progress and transformation.

Think about changing your storyline from here, from this moment.
Feel into your potential, sense the possibility, and that you have the power to bundle that potential into a whole new reality for you to experience.

Begin by taking the leading role in your life. Be the path, the portal and the center of your world.
The simple truth is that YOU are the one that decides.

You are the one that chooses which desires and intentions you wish to bring along.

When you understand your shadows, you can start to re-write the response that have been holding you from moving on. Things will start to change after you put your energy, your special powers behind it.

Show up for you. Ready to understand all the layers of you.
The messages you receive, numbers, synchronicities.
Open your mind, heart and soul. Trust!
Prepare to drop into the space where the seeds of your soul self are found.
It is your time now. Time to face the shadow,
Time to learn how to collect the Soul Seeds and meet your Soul Self.
Make those Shadows Shine!
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