Pack of Lone Wolves and Carl Jung

Pack of Lone Wolves

This week I read a quote by Carl Jung. It made me think about a Pack of Lone Wolves.

And where I am currently on my own road to “becoming.” 

I’m about to share something I haven’t shared much out loud. But this may help you in making choices and decisions on your own path.

A little over a month ago, I made a choice to invest in myself with a new mentor. Even though I had told myself I would do it all by myself, the lone wolf way, again.

  • Yes! I have worked with coaches and mentors before to grow my business and I know the value for sure.
  • Yes! I know that to get ahead we need to break through our own blocks to get to the next stage. (I help my clients do that on a daily basis) It still felt scary -for a bit-
  • Yes! I ALSO know that the feelings of doubt show up with every next level and tempt us to give in and hide a little (or a lot)

We, creatives, often walk the path of the lone wolf. Without others around us it is easy to create authentically. No distractions or comparisons. It’s safe to create by yourself. No eyes that judge, no discussions, no resistance. It feels good until you get to the point where you start to share your creative expression. Your precious creation, your book, your paintings, your performance. That is a spot of extreme vulnerability. And that is scary!


Do we stay hidden? Kind of safe, but also kind of stuck in our invisible cage? Or do we answer the call to share what we continue to learn during our process? Creative expression is a very powerful medicine. In my mind, it is important for us all to at least taste from this infinite well of wisdom.

This means that I am called forward to share. Called to face my challenges and overcome personal blocks and fears. It means that I choose to step into things like working with a new coach. Break through the block and run with the opportunities. I am on a never ending adventure of self discovery. An exciting journey that reads like a book that I cannot put down. You know the one you curl up with in a comfy chair until you get carried away to dreamland.

DREAMS. I’m a Manifest to Action + Dream Creator. I believe with all my heart that we get to live our dream life. We make a choice to go for it and pursue this or we choose to stay where we are. I shared with you: I made a choice to go for it when I almost may have given up on a certain dream. I had told myself that where I was, was okay enough.

But deep down, my deep desire, was aching for more. More purpose, helping more women to come out of the invisible cages we build ourselves.

And then I happened to see Jung’s words of wisdom:The privilege of a Lifetime is to become who you really are.Jung believed that to feel satisfied with human existence. It is important to live as authentically as possible. This resonates with me, because when I can express myself freely, I do feel more satisfied and happy for sure.

When I get to share my knowledge and acquired wisdom with others, it lights me up.

Creatives play with contrasting energies. The fast and slow, the loud and quiet, the shadows and the lights.

We play with our senses. We, humans, are sensual beings.

When I read sayings, quotes or mantras for instance, I often hear songs in the back of my head. You may have songs connected to memories and experiences? Perhaps your senses overlap or connect as well? You may not experience synaesthesia per se, but still experience senses in layers. A cross-activation of the senses can happen in many ways and combinations. I am deeply fascinated by this.

The quote by Jung started a song in my mind …. tell me what you want, what you really, really want …. Do you recognize it? It’s Wannabe, the 1996 hit single from The Spice Girls. Empowering lyrics set to a girl-power tune. Talk about a pack of wolves (or wolverines in this case 🙂

It made me think. Do Carl Jung and the Spice Girls really have something in common? or is it just my mind connecting something at random? Or is there wisdom in these messages too?

The privilege of a Lifetime is to become who you really aretells me that:

  • I need to follow my path
  • and choose to step into the light when I am called forward.

So that I can help more women find the courage, the confidence and the inner calm to stand any storm.

…. tell me what you want, what you really, really want …. tells me that:

  • I need to be honest with myself and choose my dreams.
  • love myself and allow my deepest desires to become reality.
  • Not settling for okay enough.

So that I can help more women choose exactly that too!

I get to guide and shine the lantern for them to find their path

Because even LONE WOLVES are better in a pack!

Are you a Lone Wolf and curious about what Dream you can bring into your Life and Work?

Then let’s hop on a call and see what’s possible for you  (CLICK HERE)

(more here too, on how we tend to limit ourselves)