New Moments

Hey, How are you doing?

Staying focused and keeping out of mischief ? 😉 

b.t.w. Are you sitting down? ’cause I’m about to share a bit of a secret with you.

Why? Because this may be something that sounds oh, so familiar to you.

And hopefully my experience helps you get out of the self blame and shame that we so often revert to.

So here goes: Once upon a time ….

…. well …. At the start of this year (even though I don’t really like them …) 

I know, I know ….. Shhhhhh!

… I made sort-of a “New Year’s Resolution” Oh yes, I got tempted into setting one because, – well, simply because…..

Actually ….. What I did was create a “bundle of resolutions” 

Because we, multi-passionate souls, don’t do just 1 thing.
I know you can relate 😳

So, I set a goal for my business and a personal goal too. Added things into my calendar nicely and put target dates and stuff like that in. It was all lovely and organized.

Now, you know that I’m an intuitive, he? A creative alchemist. The artist of my life and work play.

Things were planned and put into place to make it ALL happen in 2021 and then…… in February already !

….. I allowed myself to be distracted.

A shiny carrot appeared in front of my nose. I saw it, I briefly glanced away, then I looked again and took the bite. And yes, I hear you: “But Joyce! That is one of the things you help your clients with and teach and talk about “

True!  And that is also why I know so well how it feels and luckily also: how to get out of it again! We teach from our experiences. Yes, I know how to fall off the wagon AND I know how to pick myself back up. But you know, you do still receive the bumps and the bruises, the scratches and the cuts. And the mind goes “Ouch!”

Luckily, I also continued with a lot of the plans I’d set out for my livelihood. – As the primary breadwinner of my family ….. they hardly even noticed my hick-up.

Luckily, I noticed what had happened. I saw it, reflected on it and took action steps to turn it around. – Again, the “outside world” hardly noticed, if at all. 

Luckily, I knew how to flip it. – From my past experiences I gleaned a lot of knowledge and useful information and learned ways to tap confidently into my own wisdom

So grateful for all the things I learned over the years, indirectly for the things I had to live through.

And so thankful for the support I have around me and can rely on always!

With that last sentence I am opening the opportunity for New Moment’s Resolutions.

Because we can set New Resolutions whenever we desire, ….right?!

So my New Moment’s Resolutions are in full swing. I’m planning and scheduling like never before. And even though as an intuitive I love to make spur of the moment decisions and choices, I do realize that this is not for everyone. We have life stuff going on and I get that. 

Whatever the reason we have that calls for more time to make our decisions….

So most of the ideas I’m playing with and things I’m working on will be for 2022 and you’ll hear about them pretty soon.

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