the Magic Carpet

our magic carpet
On this Mother’s Day weekend, more than 18,500 kms (or 11,500 miles) away from my mother I am remembering two years ago:

the last time I spend time with her in real life.

She was here for a visit and we ended up creating something truly memorable.

She found an abandoned project in a cupboard. One of my spur-of-the-moment ideas.

(I like all artistic expressions, but crochet never made it to my top-3 list)

Still…..the idea was cool enough, so she picked it up and then we had soooo much fun finishing it together. Together we crocheted all the granny squares that were still missing for it to become the Magic blanket it is today.

One afternoon we also started taking silly selfies on the half finished thing. We giggled like teenagers, and the images we took still make us laugh today.

So, this Mother’s Day weekend I was thinking about that as I wrapped the blanket around me on this cooler, grey, autumn day here in New Zealand.

Make sure to call your mom, Skype or message her and tell her what she means to you.
Spend time with her if you can (with all the different ways we live our lives at this moment) and if she’s still here.
If you are missing your mother this weekend: send a message in your thoughts, into the Universe. Trust it to your Angels.
And most of all: LOVE up on your loved ones, ALL of them. LOVE up on yourself too!

And if you’ve been having great plans and Dreams? Take action on those too.

LOVE up on them and DO something with your beautiful ideas. Start enjoying the journey.

Just like our blanket: The progress, this journey gave SO much enjoyment to the both of us. And it still does! Every time we Skype and she sees me hugging this blanket, we are a little closer than a minute before, because I know which square she made, she knows the feeling of the wool, we both touched it with our fingers, our hearts and our spirits. It’s part of both of us and we are even more connected through it.

Oh, there are so many creative ways to connect!

So what are you doing this weekend?

magic carpet