Why do we adults, so often, end up doing things that were never our dreams as we were growing up? With a desire for MORE TIME to do the things WE LOVE to do. (long weekends, sabbaticals, unpaid leave etc.)

Last weekend I went to see the musical “School of Rock” performed by the kids from my daughter’s college. She was in the Showband, playing the keyboard from the orchestra space below the stage. The kids on stage had so much fun and the 6 musicians in the band rocked their socks off!

It was an amazing show! The cast and the music were of professional standard. SO GOOD! 

It’s always heartwarming to see young people choosing to express themselves creatively and doing the thing that they LOVE!

What always surprises me is that so few keep doing those things they love as they grow up.

So what’s happening here?

Why are we moving to this go-getter model of either/or. 

Why is it a challenge to choose the Flow energy idea of AND+AND ?

At this current moment: How can you bring more love, more play and more expression into your life?

Here’s a tip: The first step to take is to SLOW DOWN. 

Slow down, so that you can drop into intuition and connect with the divine feminine within.

Start by listening carefully to the messages that are coming from within you.

Tap into that intuition, you’ve got it, we all do. When we listen ….

In the musical, there is a song called “Listen” And look at those lyrics! They could easily have been inner whispers calling out:

” …. I wish I had a dime

For every thought I’ve swallowed unheard.

No matter what it is that I do,

it’s like I just can’t seem to get through.

I’ve got so much to say,

if only you would listen.

I’ve tried every which way

and still you never listen.

Can’t you see I’m hurting?

I couldn’t be more clear.

But I promise, one day I’ll make you hear …”

I got tears in my eyes when I heard these kids sing these words.

And I know that the tears welled up, because I realized that I also do not always listen to my messages.

And it hit home,

it hurt,

it made me open my eyes to:

Trust that inner voice and truly listen.

That I need to remember to Love what is already there and open up to receive more.

The whispers say: You are the Sun, You are the Gatekeeper of the portal to your dreams.

You can have what you desire. Now > SHINE!

Life is about un-becoming everything that does not serve us, so we can be exactly who we were meant to be in the first place.

When we remember who we are and what we really, really want, the game changes forever.

Creatives have strong, powerful and motivated minds.

Yet, we can also get REALLY STUCK in our minds.

so the clear message I came home with from this show: …..  LISTEN! 

and then, set course and DO something with the Wisdom you receive.

Just like these kids who put up this show for a whole week in a proper theatre. They left everything on the stage (and from the orchestra pit)