Enjoy the training 

xox Joyce

So you’ve been looking to: (re)unite with your creativity.

Want to fully embrace your creative expression as a non-negotiable in your life.

Ready to surrender to the powerful energy of connection to Source energy

and experience the ease and flow that is available to you too? 

Let me guide you

You’ll be surprised about the magic and superpower you already have, simply by being a Creative soul.

My wish for you is to be able to:

* tap into, realize and never forget the power and wisdom you have

* have the tools to recognize and catch yourself when challenges occur.

* have the medicine right there available for you to help you through

and come out feeling good and excited on the other side.

– Creativity IS your Medicine – you simply need the Key to the cabinet –

Be better connected with your intuitive inspiration and use your imagination to manifest.

When you wish to connect deeply and truthfully with your inner Wisdom and Creative bones,

find and foster personal practices in order to transform your life and make a shift …..

Do you feel aligned with the work I do and the containers I create?

I like to extend a hand and invite you to one of the options to work with me available at this moment: 

the SPELLBOOK - a MAGICAL CONTAINER - starts 8 August (at the Lion's Gate portal)
SCHEDULE a Complimentary 1:1 CALL - anytime you feel ready
CREATIVITY as MEDICINE - WALK the PATH - opens 15th August


Something often forgotten in my excitement to share while in circle

or simply assume you may already know, 

is that I guide creative souls and  multi passionate seekers to Creative and Spiritual awakening.

by supporting your Dreams and personal independency.

Providing safe spaces for you to connect with your inner Wisdom and authentic self,

so that you can Embrace your Personal Power, achieve what you desire and make space for your Soul-Self to Sing.



anytime you wish to discuss your specific plans, dreams and desires feel free