Through which lens do you see yourself?

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

When we’re aiming for something a little higher up. When working through things that are a bit of a stretch. When we need to reach for something that much further. Not out of reach, just that bit further.

or you’ve just made a jump forward in life/ study/ business, the area that matters.

And then ….

Self doubt starts creeping in. You feel inadequate. Mindset monsters start talking you down. They don’t want you to see the progress you made to get where you are now.

You start to wonder and think, or hear a little voice saying things like:

” …. this thing I did was just plain luck, that will never happen again. It’s not such a big deal, all things just happened to fall into place, that was a fluke ….”

“…. why do I deserve this? they’ll soon find out I’m a fake ….”

” …. I need to succeed, I cannot fail ….”

“…. I don’t  fit in, I don’t belong here ….”

etc.    [you know these thoughts]

And you think that the best response is: to fight, overcome and once and for all fix this “impostor syndrome” (oh, the title alone makes you shiver already, right?)

► What if there’s another way? An easier way through and out by simply embracing this thing? That just following your intuition is the answer! That all that is all okay. How would that feel to you?

  • Taking a first step with a little less confidence is okay – remember that you’re never the first, the last or the only one feeling this way,
  • Feeling a little overwhelmed at times is okay – take a moment and Breathe!
  • Doing what comes easy is okay – really, truly, believe it! The things you create that come easy to you are MORE THAN good enough. There are many out there that struggle exactly with the things that come easy to you and vice versa. So approach it from the standpoint that you can help each other out and BOTH benefit.  


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