Eye gazing is what I call it. It’s Shadow work | Color work and it is like applying paint or make up. Or even simply playing in front of a mirror.
Really looking into your own eyes and finding understanding, compassion and pride for the soul that lives within.
My daughter and I often look into each other’s eyes. We’ve done this since she was very, very young. She has a special condition with hers and so it started as check ups, but it changed to more of a soul gazing.
Last week she asked how I did it ?…

On the days that I wear blue: my eyes are more blue.

When I wear green: my eyes are more green.

and then when I wear greys or naturals: they turn some kind of grey-ish color.
We concluded I may be a bit of a chameleon.

Don’t you think that Chameleons are the ultimate multi potentialites?

They have layers of interest and adapt to what is around them. They’re magical!
I just hosted the Whispers of Wisdom Workshop, which was so good! Three hours just flew by, without us hardly noticing! And so I am so excited to be able to share with you that next week I’m hosting a 5 Day Free Training series: “Personal Wisdom”

This challenge will help to gain Clarity, build Confidence, and grow Courage. All steeping from our many layers of being.
This is for all Creative Changemakers and other Magical Misfits …
so Join! Look forward to seeing you there