Begin [again]

Hey! I know, you know by now that I like to think about stuff and discuss different sides of things.
– Like to look at different opinions and viewpoints with an open mind and understand.
– Like to live the “Live and let live” kind of way.
for Freedom!
Yeah 💗
If you are like this too, you’ll recognize this thought:
So what I want, ….my dream/goal/desire is …[fill in the gap]… now, where do I start? –
Okay, look at this:
At the start is where it all begins.
The beginning is where it all starts.
Everything has a beginning and anything we desire begins with us. 
What I want to bring into my life begins with me.
What you wish for starts with yourself.
It’s that simple.
Or is it?
Because THAT is where most of us get stuck.
Right at that invisible line. The internal start line.
and Why?
Because we experience well practiced safety breaks.
  • Self-doubt pops up,
  • Comparison waves it’s flag,
  • Procrastination rears it’s head.
  • Others will confirm all these

and we stop before we’ve even started.

And then we are right back at the beginning of……

the start where we have the idea, the dream, desire or wish for something other than…..

When Julie came to me, she was right there, running around in these circles. Starting/not-starting and beginning again with not-beginning-at-all. She called them “false starts”.

She felt trapped in this vicious circle, all the while lovingly pleasing those that “meant so well” for her. Her spirit deeply desiring to break free and finally write and illustrate a book. 

I wondered: Did she know what was happening? Maybe not at first, but after a while she did realize what was happening and she started blaming herself for it. Losing so much energy in this process that she lost the drive to start from lack of energy. (why do we always revert to blaming ourselves?)

Long story short, she had a burst of courage and we started working together.

Where did we start? at the Beginning …. 

And that is how Julie now moves closer and closer to her dream. One step at a time.

With Trust, our unfolding begins. We open up, we bloom, we grow.

The path of your life may be unclear. It can be messy and uncomfortable, but at the same time also exhilarating and exciting. We need to learn to look at THAT, to focus there. We want to soak it all up and use it as our fuel and nourishment to continue our journey.

So you know, most of the times, the work I do with women is privately. We adventure together towards a desired goal. 

Every so often, I invite a cohort of women to join me on a specific path.

The Circle of Nine is one of those special adventures.

A study trip of sorts where we tap into the wisdom of the Triple Goddess. 3 Maidens, 3 Mothers, 3 Queens.

Where you travel to your Purpose, Personal Wisdom and playful Prosperity.
Where you bring together Body, Culture and Creativity.

To Reclaim your Creative power and break through procrastination. 

To Refresh your Curiosity and feel ignited and inspired by the abundance of beauty around you.

and so much more.

And this is a special opportunity to be one of the nine.

9 Women starting on 9 September for 9 Weeks.

Because this offer has limited spaces, application of interest are open now:

Circle of Nine is for women who are ready to make a deep dive 
and are committed to creating new possibilities in their lives. 
It’s for the curious, creative, warrior type woman. 
The Magical misfit seeking Clarity, Calm, Courage and Confidence. 
She wants to connect to her Personal Wisdom and embody the Free Spirited Soul she is!
She wants to create, leave her mark, make a difference and pour beauty and love into the world.
For the woman that wants to be in charge and confident, no matter what life throws at her.
She knows she can stand the storm, her power comes from within, always!
When any of these sentences resonate with you, YOU ARE THAT WOMAN!





P.S: Julie is one of my clients with this name. So funny how sometimes we seem to attract different people with the same name. So, Julie if this is not your story, trust that one of your namesakes walked this storyline 😊


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