Be like the Bees

Earlier this week I read this cute little message and my heart filled with a warm fuzzy feeling.
AND it opened my eyes to something that is so important for those of us that are questioning ourselves!

Oh and I LOOOOVE bees!

Did you know: NASA has a poster on the wall with bees, that reads: “Aerodynamically a bee’s body is not made to fly. The good thing is that the bee doesn’t know “

The law of physics says that a bee cannot fly, the aerodynamic principle says that the breadth of its wings is too small to keep its huge body in flight, but a bee doesn’t know, it doesn’t know anything about physics or its logic and flies anyway.

This is what we can all do:

Fly and prevail in every moment in the face of any difficulty and in any circumstance despite what they say.

Let us be bees! No matter the size of our wings, we take flight and enjoy the pollen of life.

What wings do you have? And, more importantly: Are you flying?

In other words: do you go out and aim for your goals and dreams?

OR: do you look at all the things that could be keeping you from taking flight and focus on the challenges?

  • If you are struggling with focusing on your possibilities.
  • If you are somehow feeling stuck along the way,

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