It was inevitable that the Artemist and Young at Art Studio would merge.

People – just like all things, ideas and businesses – grow and evolve.

We adapt and adjust to the circumstances and happenings of the world around us.

Young at Art Studio, the quaint space in the Historic Village in the Bay of Plenty, my “baby”

She helped me recover my life and purpose after the challenging experience of the earthquakes.

The Artemist, the up-untill-now, mostly virtual branch of Creative Mentoring and coaching,

Born from the other challenges faced both personally as well as globally.

They happily existed side by side for a while, yet I felt that they needed to come together.

Many of the teachings overlap and weave together into my own, personal Magic carpet.

Some more focused on younger students, some better suited for more mature clients.

I’d been working on this blending together of both for a while now.

Gently working the wefts between the warp of this creative tapestry.

Who would have thought that it was a Facebook page setting that nudged (read: pushed) this to happen NOW?

((apparently the -free- blogsite I used to start my studio site on all those years ago is now seen as “against the FB community service regulations”. So, when I share a link from my site to the studio’s page, it is removed. I’m notified of scamming, and added to the naughty bench. When this happens too often, they will close the page forever more.

So, I’m merging …. I’m completing my weaving project.

It is time, my business has evolved and grown. There is more depth to Creative expression,

and I want to incorporate this more and more for all my students to enjoy and benefit from.


so, Stay tuned for more juicy and exciting projects

x❤️x Joyce

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Art experiences at the Artemist + YounG at ArT Studio
YounG at ArT Studio is the working atelier of Joyce van der Lely, Artist | empowerment coach and Creativity mentor.

Classes and Workshops from the studio are available for young and old of all levels of experience.
Joyce inspires and guides you on your own unique artistic journey.